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Candle Care Tips

The night's drawing in, you've poured yourself a glass of something and you're excited to light your sumptuous SevenSeventeen candle for the very first time. But wait! A little bit of nurture goes a long way when it comes to getting the most out of a luxury candle. Here are our top tips on loving and caring for yours... 



1. When lighting your candle for the first time, always go for a minimum of two hours to allow an oil to form across the entire surface. This paves the way for a beautifully even burn for the duration of your candle's life. 


2. The longer your wicks, the quicker the burn - we sell wick trimmers for a reason! Keeping our natural cotton wicks trimmed to 5mm also allows for a steadier, cleaner burning experience with not a trail of black soot in sight.


3. It may sound obvious but keeping external doors closed when lighting your candle will ensure it smells stronger and lasts longer. Draughts are NOT a candle's best friend.


4. SevenSeventeen candles keep for up to 18 months but after this time the fragrance quality starts to deteriorate. To keep the plant-based wax crisp, store unsused candles in dark, dry spots and out of direct sunlight. 


5. Always replace the metal screw top lids on your SevenSeventeen candles once you've finished burning them to prevent dust from settling on the wax. If you happen to forget, dust can be removed gently using a cotton pad.


6. As tempting as it is, we don't recommed lighting candles for more than 4 hours. It can cause blackening of jars, plus a mushrooming effect on wicks.  In fact, burning for 1 hour at a time is optimum as you'll still revel in glorious fragrance long after you've extinguished the flame.


7. For safety, know when to say goodbye to your candle when 3mm of wax remains in your jar - then pick a new fragrance to try!  Don't forget to reuse the glass pharmacy jars as pots for flowers, succulents, trinkets or pens afterwards.


8. Always burn your candle on a flat, even surface. Even placing it on a slight angle can cause the wax to tip to one side and burn unevenly. Wax has a memory (fact!) meaning your candle will burn in the same pattern for the duration of its life!


9. Our Strike For Calm extra-long matches don't just look pretty on your coffee table, they're perfect for reaching the bottom of your candle jars, too.  Be careful where you pop your used match down to prevent furniture scolds and avoid laying on the candle lid.


10. When entertaining, light candles for half an hour before your guests are due to arrive. And when they ask what the beautiful burst of fragrance is on entering your home? Be sure to tell them it's your lush SevenSeventeen candle filling the air. 


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