3. The candle features the mantra, 'You're Brilliant!' What inspired this message and how do you hope the candle will help people who buy or are gifted it?
It's a phrase I've often used when things go wrong to try and make light of the situation. So I hope it'll bring a smile to someone's face if they're feeling low or anxious and they know me or they've heard me using that phrase. It's also a reminder to whoever needs to hear it that they're ace. We're often our own worst critic but hearing just one person say you're doing a great job, you're wonderful, you're going to be okay, or in my case 'you're brilliant' can turn your day around, give you a mood boost and make you feel better instantly. I hope anyone who lights the candle loves the scent as well as the mantra.
4. What are your own experiences of anxiety and what advice would you give to someone struggling?
My advice would be to talk to someone, anyone. Either your GP, a family member, friend or anyone you feel comfortable opening up to.  It may not be the easiest thing to do but there are free, online mental health support groups like My Black Dog who help so many people struggling with their mental health who find it hard to say out loud how they're feeling. Getting help for my anxiety saved my sanity and relationship. I had therapy, medication, I became a better parent, wife and now have the tools to deal with these moments when they arise.
5. What are your other favourite SevenSeventeen scents in our collection and what is it you like about the brand? 
While I've enjoyed many SevenSeventeen scents in my home it's all about the black pomegranate for me!  I can light my 3 wick black pom candle and within 15 minutes my living room smells incredible. The candles last longer than other scented candles I've bought in the past, they're vegan-friendly and cruelty free too!
6. Why is My Black Dog close to your heart and how much does it mean to be able to donate to them through the sales of the candle?
They're distinct from other mental health organisations because they're a web chat service, which is hugely helpful to anyone who struggles to say out loud that they're not okay and need help. For some, talking to a loved one or doctor or even picking up the phone and telling someone anonymous about their mental health struggle is impossible. The fact that anyone can talk for free, to this team of people, all volunteers by the way and all people who've experienced a mental health crisis of their own is game-changing. They've helped so many people already and are a charity run on donations so the money raised through the sales of the candle will help them provide the best possible support to people struggling through their darkest days. I'm so grateful to anyone buying a candle in support of MBD.
7. How do you find calm amidst the chaos?
This question has made me laugh as my husband says the name of my new podcast should be 'Chaos with Kate Lawler'! My life is extremely chaotic though and moments of calm (and they really are just moments) are imperative in helping me keep my mental health in check. A bath, with candles obviously and a favourite playlist of mine (I've made so many chill out ones on Spotify) really does help me relax and unwind.