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Taking 5 with...Jo Davda of Brickett Davda Ceramics
The Sussex ceramicist's tactile jugs were the perfect choice for our dreamy, new self-care massage candles.  And best of all, you can reuse them in your home for years to come.  We caught up with Jo about clay, colourful friends and how she finds calm amidst the chaos...
1. How did you get into ceramics and what is it that you love most about working with clay?
I got into ceramics 25 years ago by accident.  My brother had returned from Italy after working in a traditional pottery in Sienna and we were both fine artists looking for a new way of working. We started working with clay, which became incredibly seductive.  Clay is such an elemental material that is so adaptable, it was hard to resist.
2. What inspired you to collaborate with SevenSeventeen?
SevenSeventeen has a wonderful ethos and beautiful products. I was inspired by their range of calming scents and the different forms they take and the need to contain them. I love that 10% of their profits go to such good causes.
3. How do you incorporate candles in to your day/evening?
My favourite time in candlelight is relaxing in a bath after a long physical day in the workshop.
4. What is your favourite smell in the world? 
Thyme is a smell that even when I conjure it up in my head I get such a strong rush of nostalgia for past summers, heat, rocky gardens and a smell of earthy freshness, I can almost feel it. 
5. What does self-care look like for you and where do you find moments of calm amidst the chaos, especially during 2020?
Self care and moments of calm for me are about being outside in the elements, either on the South Downs above Brighton in all weathers or swimming in the freezing sea... after that gentle home comforts take on a more intense charm.
6. You're known for your beautiful colour palettes.  Where do you find inspiration and what is your favourite combination?
Colour is, I think, very much to do with mood, so favourite combinations change daily.  I have a basic love of the muted soft earth colours, they are like the comforting, stable, kind friend you can turn to anytime, but then when you bring in a strong bright spark of colour it changes everything and you have your partying, loud, funny friend in the room!  Those two are my favourite colour combinations, inspired as much from people around me as from the city, country and seascapes.
The Brickett Davda X SevenSeventeen limited-edition essential oil massage candles are available now.  Choose from rose geranium in 'Brick' and lavender & bergamot in 'Pumice'. 10% of profits proudly donated to mental health charities.

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