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ETC magazine June 2017

The Guardian 29 April 2017

 "For those craving more luxury, I heartily recommend Seven Seventeen’s Candles(from £14). Created by two frazzled mothers frustrated at the cost of posh candles, the range is nicely conceived, honestly priced and beautifully packaged. Plus £1 from the sale of each candle goes direct to Pandas, a charity offering support to new mothers suffering from pre- and postnatal illness, doubling your warm glow".

Little Spree 24 March 2017



One that is made from natural plant wax; that smells divine; looks good on the mantelpiece; supports other mothers; and helps us clock off from the chaos once our kids are in bed – on a good day at around Seven Seventeen”. I love the beautiful, but modern paired-down design, the names and moods for each one, and the lids are a clever, thoughtful little addition – perfect for seasoned travellers like myself. Many a time I have packed a trusty Diptique (and not necessarily the travel size either, foolishly) in a cashmere sock, and kept my fingers crossed for a long-haul flight that it doesn’t smash. One of my favourite SevenSeventeen scents is the Moroccan Rose, and mine is definitely coming with me on my next trip at the beginning of April.

Caroline Hirons 18 February 2017

"File under: Candle Addicts Anonymous. I know a lot of you share my candle obsession and this lovely new brand will only make it worse. Founded by friends Sarah Slade and Naomi Reilly, Seven Seventeen candles are simple in design, beautiful quality and smell subtle and natural, not overpowering. They’re plant waxes, so no black smoke residue. Currently available in seven fragrances, they are perfect for winding down, waking up – or gifting – especially around Mother’s Day . . ."

Muddy Stilettos 14 February 2017

We love a scented candle here at Muddy – a small pleasure in life, granted, but a deliciously decadent one. New hand-poured candle brand SevenSeventeen was set up by a pair of frazzled working mothers, who have two high-flying journalism careers and five small children between them. The idea is that you bundle any lurking nippers into bed – at 7.17pm ideally, hence the name – grab a glass of wine and light up (the candle, I mean, not anything naughty, though now you mention it…) and unwind.

The Pool 8 February 2017


"SevenSeventeen, meanwhile, is aimed at frazzled mothers, but there’s something here for everyone – Moroccan Rose is an charming smoky floral, with £1 of the £14 price going to PANDAS, a pre/postnatal mental-illness charity".

Sali Hughes 16 December 2016


"I love the idea behind SevenSeventeen candles, which they describe as ‘mood boosting candles for burnt out mothers’. Five scents, each in three sizes, from an extremely reasonable £14, with a donation of £1 from every candle going to PANDAS Foundation, which supports mothers suffering from pre and postnatal mental illness. I’ll definitely be popping these into a few gift bags for friends this year".

Independent 29 November 2016

"The brainchild of two magazine journalists, this brand aims to deliver “mood-boosting candles for burnt out mothers” – the name, Seven Seventeen, comes from the time which the founders’ children are snuggled up in bed, meaning they can relax and light up a candle. Hand-poured in England using natural wax that burns cleanly, the candles are luxurious and affordable, with other scents including fresh linen, lavender, lime basil and mandarin, and wild fig and grape. The company donates £1 from every sale to the PANDAS Foundation, which supports mothers suffering from pre- and post-natal mental illness"

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